The Magdalen Award was established by the Rochester Area Iris Society in 1985.  The purpose of the award was to foster interest in the median iris classes and to encourage the growing of median irises.  The award was named The Magdalen Award to honor the late Magdalen (“Madge”) Hoar, a long time member of the Rochester Area Iris Society, who enthusiastically grew and promoted the growing of the median iris classes.

The award is given to the highest placed median iris exhibited in an official show. The iris must earn the Best of Section rosette in order to meet the minimum requirements of the award.  The award will take the form of an engraved 5 x 7 inch plaque.  This award will be presented at the Region 2 Fall Banquet.

List of winning iris and exhibitors:

Year            Affiliate                        Exhibitor                                Cultivar_______
1986          Rochester                   Albert deGroat                     Dainty Damsel  (MTB)
1987          CNYIS                           Wendy Roller                       Fiddler  (BB)
1988          NSW                              Gregory Schifferli               Aachen Elf  (MTB)
1989          CNYIS                           Wendy Roller                       Az Ap   (IB)
1990          NSW                              Gregory Schifferli               Welch’s Reward  (MTB)
1991                                      No Iris met criteria to be awarded
1992          WNYIS                          Wendy Roller                       Welch’s Reward  (MTB)
1993          WNYIS                          Wendy Roller                       Valiant Warrior   (MTB)
1994          CNYIS                           Wendy Roller                      Crystal Ruffles  (MTB)
1995          WNYIS                          Gregory Schifferli                Brownberry   (BB)
1996          CNYIS                           Robert Keup                         Az AP  (IB)
1997          CHIS                             Robert Keup                        Az AP  (IB)
1998          CHIS                             Robert Keup                         Loreley 
1999          STIS                              Dorothy Stiefel                     Joseph’s Coat
2000          WNYIS                          Maria Gerbracht                   Rosemary’s Dream (MTB)
2001          CNYIS                           Robert Keup                         Snow Fiddler (MTB)
2002          CNYIS                           Anna Mae Cummings         Grandpa’s Girl  (MTB)
2003          CNYIS                           Mickey/Gene Koschara      New Idea  (MTB)
2004          STIS                              Dorothy Stiefel                      Cybernet  (MTB)
2005          WNYIS                          David Baehre                        Bumblebee Deelite  (MTB)
2006          CHIS                             Ted Sloane                            Rare Edition  (IB)
2007                                     No Iris met criteria to be awarded

2008          CHIS                             Dorothy Stiefel                      Bangles  (MTB)

2009          STIS                              Ernst J. Mattson                   Dividing Line (MTB)

2010                                                Not awarded

2011                                                Not awarded

2012                                      Show cancelled due to early bloom season.

2013          ONIS                              Terry Laurin                        Ray Jones (SDB)

2014          GRIS                              Wendy Roller                      Consummation (MTB)

2015          HVIDS                Not Awarded

2016          GRIS                               Dorothy Stiefel                   Speckled Spring (MTB)