The Ethel Anson S. Peckham Award
for Historic Iris


The Peckham Award was established in June 2000 at the Historic Iris Convention in Syracuse, New York.  The award honors the editor of the 1939 American Iris Society Alphabetic Iris Checklist, “...a book of high adventure in the field of beauty, a record of hopes achieved, and a guide to Rainbow’s End...”  (quote by H. H. Everett).

The award is presented to the highest placed historic iris in an official show.  The iris must earn a Best of Section rosette to meet the minimum requirements of the award.  The historic iris may earn the award in the historic iris section or any appropriate iris section.  All entries of the same variety must be placed in one section for the award to be considered.  The classification committee must make the placement of the iris if any question arises.  The historic iris award is unique in this respect since it does not indicate type of iris, just that it be historic. 

The Award is a 5 x 7 inch engraved plaque presented at the annual AIS Region 2 meeting.


Year            Affiliate    
 Marianne Himpler
 Robert Keup
  'Demi Devil'
 Robert Keup
  'Sable Night'
 Frank Sorbello
  'Going My Way'    
 Robert Keup
 Robert Keup
  'W.J. Fryer'
 Dorothy Stiefel
  'Bright Hour'
 Sondra Tillou
 Clayton Crandall
  'Electric Rays'
 David Baehre
 'Pink Haze'
 Sondra Tillou
 'Gold Smoke'
 Vaughn Sayles
 'Blue Denim
      Show cancelled due to early bloom season    
 Joanne Bassett
 Rosemary Sorbello
 Virginia Dorwaldt
 'Tom Tit'
 Judy Tucholski-Zon
 'Lydia Winter'
 Kate Brewitt
 'Champagne Elegance'
 Lyn Hickey