AIS Affiliates in Region 2
The American Iris Society (AIS) is comprised of 22 Regions
covering the United States and Canada.
The entire state of New York and the Canadian Provinces of Ontario and Quebec
are known as "AIS Region 2".
There are four separate clubs within Region 2, each with affiliate status in the AIS.
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Their primary geographies are listed below. 
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Capital Hudson Iris Society (CHIS) - Serving Eastern Central New York, the upper Hudson River Valley and the Greater Albany Area

Greater Rochester Iris Society (GRIS) - Serving Northwestern Central New York and the Greater Rochester Area
Ontario Iris Society (ONIS) - Serving the province of Ontario, Canada
Western New York Iris Society (WNYIS) - Serving Western New York and the Greater Buffalo Area
At present, there are no affiliated organizations in New York City or on Long Island.  If you are interested in information on how to start a club in that area, please contact any of the current officers of Region 2.
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