AIS Region 2 Awards

Region 2 presents four major awards to the exhibits and exhibitors in AIS sanctioned Flower Shows held by the affiliates in our Region.  An additional award is given to a person who has performed distinguished service for the Region and/or the American Iris Society. The history of each gives validation to the awards and to the recipients.

The guidelines for receiving each award are almost a history in themselves.  Most of the awards were created when Region 2 and the Empire State Iris Society were synonymous (The Empire State Iris Society (ESIS) was the forerunner of the current AIS Region 2 Affiliate structure.) The ESIS Board of Directors turned over these awards to the current AIS Region 2. The organizational change hasnít changed the importance of the awards or of the people who are remembered through the awarding. 

The awards currently presented are:

The Irwin A Conroe Distinguished Service Award

The Ruth V. Blenis Award

The William McGarvey Beardless Iris Award

The Magdalen Award

The Ethel Anson S. Peckham Award for Historic Iris


The Wirz-Rettig Award for Japanese Iris


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If any information given needs further clarification, please contact the Region 2 Webmaster.